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The story begins from a tiny prefab, April 2000. With the sole purpose of making fine sweets from the heart for many people all over the world, it developed little by little through its online shop, all thanks to the numerous customers. I one day saw the actual situation of cacao farms wasn’t really fair, and that’s where I started to use fair-trade chocolate for sweets making with a wish to make the situation better. What we have in our mind: we make chocolate to make everyone – including who eat, who make, and who grow − smile. We go great lengths to thoroughly sustain using the finest ingredients to create delicious sweets, and provide warm & comfortable service. May chocolate bring a happy smile to everyone around the world!

Katsuhisa Yagi – Patissier and manager

Chocolate story

bean to bar

We buy cocoa beans from countries of South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, and roast the beans to create artisan chocolate by well-balanced combination of hand work and real high-spec machineries all at our factory in Yokohama, Japan. Bean to bar – making chocolate from raw beans with suitable ingredients by a suitable process – is our way of chocolate making. Bean to bar chocolatiers are now attempting to create their own unique chocolate, just like us setting our sights on making new, unique & delicious chocolate. To us each day is a new journey full of new discoveries of cocoa, that will not end.


tablette chocolat

We have 33 flavors of bars from single origin to special blend. We’d love you to enjoy the flavors all different from origin to origin and that’s why we put much value on ingredients and process, and we spend 48 hours for one chocolate. Our bars are handcrafted with simple ingredients and our very own recipe. Enjoy the intriguing flavor & taste of cocoa! Tablette Chocolat is available at our shops in Japan.

Minatomirai Shop

- January 2014 open

Our first retail shop was opened in 2014, just beside the famous tourist area Minatomirai, with a beautiful view of it. The small chocolate shop with big glass windows has a factory inside. Based on the theme “Be excited”, all is built to produce excitement. You will meet with cool machineries, see chocolate factory through glass windows, smell savory roasted cocoa turning into quality chocolate, and even join a workshop... One and only experience.

cafe menu


making tablettes

We open chocolate making workshop since 2014, where you experience making chocolate from beans. Starting with peeling the skin of cocoa beans, you grind the beans in a chocolate machinery imported from New York! You create your one & only chocolate with favorite taste and toppings. Interesting learning about chocolate comes in during the 2- hour workshop. The upcoming & booking >>> here

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5-25-2, Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

TEL. 045-319-4861

OPEN. 11:00-19:00(CAFE L.O 18:00)

CLOSE. Wednesday

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26-2-1042, Honcho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa

TEL. 044-201-7891

OPEN. 10:00-21:00(CAFE L.O 20:00)

OPEN 365 DAYS a year

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our CAFE area in Kawasaki.


no chocolate, no life.

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.



・Three minutes on foot from exit 4 of Basyamithi Station
・ Ten minutes on foot from Blueline Kannai Station
・ Ten minutes on foot from Blueline or JR Sakuragi-tyo Station

4-26-4, Okamura, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
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